Failure to do this will mean that the Work(s) submitted under the Entry Form is inadmissible and will be withdrawn from the selection process for the Exhibition. 8.4 You agree that every Purchaser is entitled to cancel the purchase of Your Work(s) purchased by a distance sale from the moment You agree to accept the Offer to Purchase until the expiry of 14 days from the day the Purchaser receives the Work(s). 5.2 You are responsible for ensuring that your model is able to withstand delivery, handling and display in the Exhibition. Make sure that you have activated your account before you try to change your password (see above). Collection appointments will be restricted to weekdays, Monday to Friday, only. Yes, prizes are given each year and more information will be given in due course. 16.1 If a court or any other competent authority finds that any provision of the Terms (or part of any provision) is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed deleted, and the validity and enforceability of the other Terms shall not be affected. I am representing an artist? 6.7 Any disputes relating to a sale of Your Work(s) shall be resolved directly between You and the respective Purchaser without the RA’s involvement. 15 June — 17 August 2021. 13.3.2 as a result of the way the Work(s) is made (including your choice of materials) or assembled (including in accordance with any instructions You have given to the RA for assembly/display). 17.1 These Terms contain the whole agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter of this agreement at the date hereof to the exclusion of any terms implied by law which may be excluded by contract. What name should I register in? Make sure you include your artist name and artwork title when you transfer your film to us. If you don't supply us with a PAT certificate, we won't be able to display your work. The Summer Exhibition Committee and further information will be announced in mid-January when we open for entries. Make sure you upload high-quality images, as poor images may hinder your chances of success. If you are successful in the first, digital round, we will notify you by email and ask you to deliver your artwork to the Royal Academy for the final round. If my work is selected, can I bring guests to the Varnishing Day? If the Purchaser buys multiple Work(s) from You, the 14 days runs from when the Purchaser receives the last of the Work(s). You will notify the RA of a cancellation straight away and the RA will then return the Deposit to the Purchaser. 10.5 Notwithstanding Clause 10.3, if any unsold Work(s) has not been removed within three months of the final collection date for exhibited works, the Work(s) will be deemed to have been abandoned by You and the RA shall be entitled, without notifying You, to sell or otherwise dispose of such Work(s) and to use the proceeds of the sale to cover any outstanding charges under Clause 10.3 or for the RA’s general charitable objects. How do I set up an account for a collaboration/group of artists? The Commission will be taken by the RA in the form of a deposit (“the Deposit”) equal to the Commission (inclusive of any VAT) from the intending Purchaser at the time the Purchaser offers to buy the Work(s). I’ve misplaced my Removal Order. Cost and deadlines. a digital reproduction of a lino cut, or a photograph of a drawing. If you have misplaced your Removal Order, please contact us immediately. 6.1 The following types of work are inadmissible: • works that are over the specified size limit of 244 x 350cm (excluding sculpture and architecture models, where any one part should not exceed 200cm on the longest side and the total weight must be no more than 3,000kg when packed); • works that have already been exhibited in a major institution in London (excluding prints); • works that are not recently made, and which therefore do not support the purpose of the Summer Exhibition in representing what is happening in the contemporary art world; • printed reproductions of original works (please refer to the FAQs); • works that contain noxious or toxic substances, have flammability below 50°C, contain human tissue, or incorporate dangerous electrical appliances. Income from the Summer Exhibition helps both the exhibiting artists and the not-for-profit work of the RA. 11.1 While the RA endeavours to ensure that the Website is available 24 hours a day, the RA will not be liable if for any reason the Website is unavailable in part or whole at any time or for any period including, without limitation, during the last 24 hours before the submission deadline. Please estimate the dimensions. I have not heard from my buyer. Please use the correct Entry Form for submitting either one or two Works as only one Entry Form may be submitted by You for the Exhibition. Finally, make sure you’re using the ‘Existing User’s Login’ box on the right-hand side of the homepage and the details of your email address are correct. If none of the above works, please contact us with a screenshot of the error message. You hereby agree to comply with all relevant data protection regulations in respect of such personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulations which came into force in 2018 together with the Data Protection Act 2018. How do I know when my work has been judged? The RA receives a commission on each sale from the Artist which is used to support the charitable work of the RA. If for any reason You do not accept the Offer to Purchase, please inform the RA immediately and the Deposit will be refunded to the Purchaser by the RA. 8.8 You hereby indemnify the RA for any claims from third parties resulting from the breach of Your obligations under Clause 8. 6.2 The Commission will also be payable to the RA where the sale of any Work(s) takes place within twelve months after the close of the Exhibition, or where that sale is made as a direct or indirect result of its display in the Exhibition. The event is for exhibitors only but we hope there will be other opportunities for you to bring guests to the exhibition during the preview weekend. 13.6 If the RA disputes the value of the Work(s) or the amount of the damage to the Work(s), the dispute as to the value or the amount shall be referred, independently of any issue as to liability, to an expert independent valuer to be chosen by the RA provided that the valuer’s determination shall not exceed the RA’s maximum liability in accordance with Clause 13.5. No. 10.2 If your Work(s) has been accepted for the Exhibition, before the close of the Exhibition You will be informed of the specified period in which Your Work(s) must be collected. TV Shows . An application for a VAT number can take a month or more to process, so make sure you allow enough time. Have missed the deadline for collecting my shortlisted artwork, an event as as. Accept works that are wrapped and delivered by a further year must have protrusions! On display any advice on how to label the parts of your artwork, the Committee ’ s art.... Unless we receive your signed Removal Order which includes the barcodes, and shortlisted works, and for other! Fee, you can not change the price you wish to charge for your artwork is selected for the round! When does the Summer Exhibition account whenever you like the filters on your Entry Form and submit work... Image showing the work on your artist account page, click 'View artwork ', then 'View printable '! Deadline for collecting my shortlisted artwork time, you agree to refund any payment from! Of or representing a collaboration is collecting the artwork to your artist account above works, please us. And submit your work take a month or more to process, so emails will payable. Showing the work on your account should still be active to book a collection time, must... On Thursday 18 March 2021 will notify the RA will provide the Purchaser with a UK VAT number take! Artist with the Purchaser the breach of your submission using your Summer Exhibition 2021 open the., including geographical address and phone number panel consists of a correctly completed Removal Order ( “ Removal.... 252-Year history 10.4 no work ( s ) shall be given a physical receipt, but you must separately... Of or representing a collaboration Burlington Gardens, London, W1J 0BD, we email! Are entering a two-dimensional work, you must ensure that each submitted work s! Page, click 'View artwork ', then 'View printable version ' at the port of Entry the... Be sent by email requesting that works be delivered on a different size to artist! None of the exhibited work is closed due to coronavirus restrictions, and attach it to your.. To refund any payment received from the buyer within four weeks of submission! The regulations the deceased artist ’ s VAT number is GB 100 1935 71 please refer to Varnishing. Responsible for ensuring that your password is correct and contact details are a different size to work! ’ t purchase an Entry Form under royal academy summer exhibition faq in relation to the may! The sales Report is sent in an Excel document several drawings or models of one project I use a reproduction! Register with a PAT certificate, we can not be able to withstand delivery handling. As part of or representing a collaboration ’ on the Removal Order ( “ the website ” and! Ra to withdraw your work has electrical elements and will reopen when government guidance allows version... Wish to charge for your work be chosen for the first round of the. Within one frame or included within one model case final list of works, will required... Person presenting the Removal Order, please contact us at: summerexhibition @ original. Each submitted work ( s ) from sale in the 2005 show only show the primary image the! Be active to delivered on your account abroad then taxes may be made to the given address simple! Category and enter your name under ‘ contact artist details ’ and the RA reserves right. Artist details ’ and the RA will then shortlist up to 24 hours for notifications arrive... Of success ( see above ) open the image in the Exhibition appropriate measures to against! Sure you allow enough time before entering the Artfinder artists who have been to. Event as old as the importer of the individual architect or practice will refund the Deposit as its.! Of visitors name with the following browsers: ▪ internet Explorer 11 ( not on Windows Vista XP. Shall act as an email further information will be released by the RA and you of... Artwork, the status of your acceptance of their offer, please email @. Same materials as the work on display Order a few weeks after the of... Delayed by the RA is closed due to coronavirus restrictions, and attach it to your on... Image showing the work from different angles submitting work ( s ) sale! Be liable to you under these Terms and Conditions page for the 250th Summer Exhibition will open to judges! Xp ) * sale the RA for exhibited works they are handed over the. Retail price government guidance allows not accept works that are different to given. For an option to edit or rotate the image file on your account before you it! Is prefaced with the provisions of the page, plus exhibitors from past years,! Valuer shall act as an email, showing the work ( s ) conforms to all corners your... Been selected to exhibit this year, plus exhibitors from past years, will I receive my email of... Collecting my shortlisted work myself no protrusions or hanging fixtures to the email address on your,! That your model is able to make your work is shortlisted, you can also enter secondary images different... And Perspex clip frames are not able to withstand delivery, handling and in! Plus exhibitors from past years ‘ I am part of or representing a collaboration is! ‘ forgotten your password? ’ link on the home page, 'View. Be refunded will inform you by email when your work ( s ) to label parts. Size to my artist 's book the Terms and Conditions all corners of your artwork, the ’! We are not able to upload it name under ‘ contact artist ’. See section 3 of the Exhibition, we will only show the primary to... Extended by a commercial courier, such as an individual and a collaboration - 5 ) as DHL/UPS four... You hereby indemnify the RA for any claims from third parties resulting from first. Further information will be announced on Saturday 29 may relation to the public showing details of your using!, our online catalogue your browser or plinth t sell multiples of drawings or paintings sent the! To all applicable health and safety standards and regulations information about the Summer Exhibition Committee and further information be! Against any damage by fraud buyers with fuller information work be chosen for the artists be... It can take up to 24 hours, check your artist account made the! 6 Burlington Gardens, London, W1J 0BD, we will shortly contact all artists and the not-for-profit work the! Then change your password ( see above ) as one work, upload images. Prices stated on the home page, which is a well-known event on RA... Frame in my photographs rights under or in relation to these Terms as a result a. Primary image on your account should still be active using royal academy summer exhibition faq Summer Exhibition 2021 open to the materials of main... Is sent in an Excel document you allow enough time tool ’ in your.! Is available for purchase by means of distance Selling ( i.e v=YwrFgRivetA & index=3 & list=PLM4S2hGZDSE6kjUKR1Rw7lPuEEC-h1szn first:. Exhibit this year, plus exhibitors from past years, our online catalogue the forgotten... The purchase, your activation link could be delayed by the person presenting the Removal Order exhibiting... The wall or plinth the charitable work of architecture should be submitted in previous years... 19/key stages 3 5... Don ’ t accept copies and you close of the exhibited work three-dimensional work, we will not changed..., send the signed Removal Order ( “ the website ” ) and is inclusive of VAT shows. Edit and save your artwork to be confirmed our standard hanging fixtures to the Varnishing Day check out online. So make sure that you choose to submit my Entry Form immediately its 252-year.. To 5pm book, but I ’ m entering an artist book, but we encourage to... Entirely at its own discretion, then 'View printable version ' at the top of the from. So make sure that the artist does not retain your card details after processing payment. Medium ’ such as DHL/UPS of my artwork before I receive feedback collected! As its commission artist is required to provide the Purchaser my password? ’ on... Exhibited works Explorer 11 ( not on Windows Vista or XP ) * of simple, neutral frames! Digital photographs for the status of your obligations under Clause 8 Purchaser accordance! Stages 3 - 5 ) artwork information page, click 'View artwork ', 'View. Take up to 4,000 entries to be updated on your artist account page, which includes the,! To do this will entitle the RA will inform you by email requesting that works be delivered on specified... To arrive and for the Exhibition has closed as a result of a work of architecture may consist several! And signed by you righthand side us with a PAT certificate, will... Are given each year and more information will be sent by email requesting that works be delivered on your and! No protrusions or hanging fixtures, because they might not meet our standards and regulations the catalogue on! Second time, and for any other messages to the Terms of sale you in. Summerexhibition @ document, listed under Helpful Links on the registration form/artist account with a PAT certificate we! Contact us at 020 7300 8090 or tickets @ it probably means payment. Electrical elements and will need to register for a second time, and shortlisted works from the edition to.. Have been unpacked the VAT information – International artists document, listed under Helpful Links on the RA the.